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New ct5star Site Begun

Monday, March 9th, 2009

Talked to Jim Shields today.  He chose theme II.  He said he didn’t have a house shot to use, but the CT houses don’t generally show the Boston-area style.  I said I would look.  However, since he has so many before/after shots, perhaps we can use one of his.

Jim already has a pretty well-populated Service Magic site with lots of testimonials on it.  I asked him if he could tell me which comments relate to which of his before/after shots.  I’m not sure what the answer was.

He said he didn’t have anything written, but there is some nice text on the ServiceMagic site.  I emailed him to tell him that and said it was a good starting point to flesh out, so the two sites aren’t identical.

He does not have a logo or logotype.  He usually uses red and blue for colors.

He wants the CT products he put in the questionnaire, plus Harvey windows: Tribute, Classic, and Magesty.

Cell phone: 617-750-0073.